The last several weeks have been a wave of adjustments.  Graduate Placement Exams (which I passed all of them), Choir Auditions (which I sang and helped run), A Cappella Call Backs, first Classes, first day on my new Development Positions, and today was another first…I got to meet and start teaching some of my private voice students at Marcus High School.

It is very nice to be on a high school campus again.  It was hard to leave kids and people I loved at Coppell, and I already feel like I have a great purpose teaching voice at Marcus.  It certainly has me paying more attention in my classes with Dr. Austin at UNT!  The kids have amazing energy, and I cannot wait to see how much they grow.  Hearing the choirs at Marcus sing has been inspirational in and of itself.  It is so nice not being in charge, but still be a part of a team.  I am sure being at Marcus will be an exciting part of my new adventure.

Singing in a choir again has also been a great experience.  Saying that the UNT A Cappella Choir is incredible really doesn’t even begin to do it justice.  Some of the most talented voices and most sensitive artists I have sung with for sure!  Another cool thing is that one of my former singers from Coppell HS is actually in the choir with me.  We dispensed with the Mr. Brown business pretty quick. I pretty much respond to Mr. Brown with “that’s the man I used to be” when people call me that now. The music is hard as nails, and I have actually gone to the practice room more than once to make sure I have my life together.    Maybe I still don’t have my life together…  It is too early in the game to start disappointing my choir director!  We have a retreat tomorrow and I can hardly wait.



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